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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Sat, July 22-25, 2011

Players that stood out on this first day, that were the driving force for their team and that made substantial impact on the games played:

Arielle Bostick 5'5" PG CA13- What she might like in size she makes up in huge plays.  She showed continually the ability to break down a defense with her ball-handling.  She can get into the paint no matter what the defense is.  She splits traps with ease.  She can set her defender up for the take or get them back on their heels for enough space to pull a deadly jumper. Arielle rarely picks up her dribble un-warranted. She knows what she is going to do far in advance.  Sees the open player with ease and knows how to deliver on target passes off the dribble.

Kendall Cooper 6'3" PF CA13- Tremendous upside to this young ladies game. Still in the building stages, especially with consistency but she is showing a varied skill set inside and a stroke from the high post and short corner areas.  Was being a force and taking control of a game when her teammates were able to find her. 

Oderah Chidom 6'3 SF CA13- An athletic long post that can really run the floor. She is great in the open court and attacking the basket off a dribble or two.  Her length and quickness allow her to cover a lot of ground on the defensive end.  Didn't see her take the jumper enough to get a clear evaluation of her shot.  Did see her at the line a number of times, which she is good at getting to, to get a gander at her mechanics there, nice high release but can soften her release a little.  Other than that the mechanics are there. Question is how she sets her feet and gets her shot off in the flow of an offense. 

Candice Agee 6'6 C CA12- The Penn State commit shows so much promise.  I think it's just a matter of time for Agee's upsize to be really realized.  Her length is undeniable.  She has skill.  She needs repetitions, touches, more time and given more opportunities and I feel her game will start coming along. A little seasoning goes a long way. 

Elyse Hight  6'2 F OK12- Committed to play soccer for Notre Dame this girl made her presence known on the hardwood for her team.  She is a steady worker.  Consistent in most areas of her game.  Not overly dynamic or explosive but she is there when her team needs a rebound, a defensive stop, a bucket.  She plays her game within her gauge.

Brianna Barret 5'7 CA12- USC commit, Solid PG, that possess good speed, vertical leap, ball control, leadership and a good outside shot.  Brianna's game is effective in several areas, her ability to lead and facilitate from the pg position, create shots with her dribble, and she is solid on the defensive end.  She is a PG that will also give you 4-5 rebounds a game.

Amanda Lovely 6'2" CA12- Verbal to Pepperdine. This kid is not afraid to do it all.  She mixes it up in the paint, on the wing and can handle the ball in the back court.  She plays strong, fierce and with a lot of energy.  She is a difficult match-up because of her versatility on the offensive end and can guard multiple positions on the defensive end. She is also a great facilitator  with the ball in her hand in the middle, knows how to find the cutter and shooter. 


Jessica Washington 5'8" PG OK13- A legit D1 point guard with a smooth way about her.  Plays the game under control and seems to glide into her change of direction moves.  Her play seems effortless but decieving.  She gets by her defender with ease on one mistake.  So defenders have to give her space which allows her good room to execute entries or time to pull the jumper. Once inside her defender she does good to keep them on her hip and deliver an accurate floater, pull-up or step back.  She does like some physical strength.  She can break her defender down a lot but she rarely gets in to draw contact and get to the line or finish in traffic.  If the lanes begins to close she pulls out her dribble or kicks out before making any real contact. Like to see her take it harder to the rack, finish or get to the line more.  Strength may be the key to her success in a BCS conference. 

Jasmine Smith 6' F CA12- Nice solid build with broad shoulder and muscular frame that can support more strength.  She is very mobile and athletic.  Plays hard and is not shy of physical play.  Can bang hard inside and move bodies away from the glass to secure rebounds.  Can score in the open court but would like to see her refine and build on her offensive skill set.  All she needs is some simple tools but seems to lack those go to moves.

Jasmine Jenkins 6'1" F CA13- Very mobile, athletic forward the gets up and down the court.  Very active on defense. Comes up with a number of deflections and steals.  She has great hands and really cleans up the glass well.  Her shot is a little strong.  Like to see her get her wrist through a little more and have a softer shot.

Jaime Swan 6'2" F AZ12- Extreme athletic 6'2 frame, slim hips and broad shoulders. Built like a professional basketball player hopeful. Has good speed and vertical ability.  She pulls down boards, secures the ball well and finds the outlet well.  Rarely gives up a board once she has her hands on the ball. She is a good shot blocker, mobile and gets over to help in a hurry. Supplies a lot of energy and passion on the floor, is vocal and leads her team.  She communicates and directs well.  Is a little stiff on offense but has the tools to improve.

Arnecia Hawkins 5'8" G AZ12- ASU commit is very comfortable in a leadership role and taking over games.  Possess a great mid-range game.  Hits big shots for her team.  Stays low on her dribble, takes care of the ball and doesn't seem to get frazzled.  She can knock down the three but not as consistent as her pull-up. Shot can seem a little flat.  She has a healthy demeanor and no doubt a very coachable kid. 

Destiny King 5'10 W CA12- Has a great quick stroke and nice release on her shot, can hit it from a variety of spots on the floor, nice turnaround.  Not sure how consistent she is from beyond the arc but the mechanics are there.  Uses her body well to gain position on smaller guards in the post.  Not super quick on her feet moving laterally in front of smaller quicker guards but uses her strength and size to keep the ball in front of her.  Plays with good energy and is a strong rebounder.  I think she can actually be more assertive and confident in her play.  She seems to be a leader type and big sister to her teammates.  Though, probably not the primary scorer on her team, how she goes reflects on how her team goes.


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