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Thursday, October 13, 2011



I’m a big proponent that fall basketball should belong to the high schools.  I also understand that most high schools don’t run fall programs that cater to the elite but for the high schools that do, I enjoy seeing them get out there on the hardwood early developing that chemistry and bond that will be so vital down the stretch into state.  It’s no coincidence that the programs that make these opportunities available for their athletes are the ones that continually have success year after year.  On that note, Coast2Coast featured plenty of top notch high school teams and clubs, boasting some very talented young ladies, many of which will be bidding for that CIF supremacy.
  1. Tia Dickson 5'7" G 2012 (San Diego HS, CA) *San Diego State commit*~ Has great change of speed and direction moves, definitely more of a scoring/playmaking PG.  She does play off the ball a little, possesses a decent jump shot, uses a great hesitation move to set up her crossover that she uses effectively. Tia sees the floor real well, the smallest of passing lanes, and knows how to set up her teammates.  Even though she is only 5'7 she is a good rebounding guard, pretty good hops for a smaller guard.  She doesn't always seem to give every possession her all, especially on defense and needs to quit watching her passes so much, cut and move better.
  2. Aniya Baker 5'9" G 2012 (Perris, CA)~ is a very speedy guard, great defender with range.  Aniya gets many deflections, moves her feet well while pressuring the ball and reads passing lanes well.  She is a game changer with the ball in her hand, has range and capable of hitting big shots.
  3. Destini Price 6' G 2012 (Antelope Valley, CA)~Remarkable 1/1 skills and size to take advantage against smaller guards. She can be more than a handful for most opposing team's guards, creates mismatches and can fill rolls at the 1-3 slots.  Decision making can be questionable and works too often outside the framework of the team.
  4. Tanjunique Ajeto 5'7" G 2012 (Foothill, NV)~ uber athletic, possesses great open court speed and bounce.  Ajeto is best in the open court uptempo game cutting/slashing or with the dribble.  She is a superb defender and great rebounding guard.  Ajeto plays hard and gives everything every possession.
  5. Jeanier Olukemi 6' SF/G 2012 (Bre Olinda CA)~ one of my favorite players to watch, extreme athleticism and mad bounce to her game.  She is a board queen from the small forward position, will easily give any team 7+ boards a game.  She is long and quick coming up with numerous steals a game. She can guard multiple positions.  Bre Olinda's Hartman and Perry got their just dues but Olukemi consistantly gave double/doubles w/ never demanding the ball, on her own never taking away from the other's game.  Her jump shot has seen much improvement.
  6. Bryn Stark 6' G/F 2012 (The Bishops School, CA)~ *USF commit*~ displays not only strong perimeter skills at 6' but leadership qualities, accountability and responsibility in leading her team.  Bryn can bring the ball up in the back court, put it on the ground to attack the basket, attack off the dribble, shoot it from deep or just inside the arc.  She moves great without the ball and never stops working.  She has a great motor, never lets up and displays strong work-ethic.  She is very assertive and takes over games.
  7. Imani Littleton 6'3 2014 (The Bishops School)~ Littleton is a very versatile big who is showing a varried array of skills at a young age.  She can play in and out.  She is athletic, long and strong for just being a sophomore.  She is a good rebounder and has the ability to be a good shot blocker.  As she matures, grows in her game and develops cosistency with her shot she will be a BCS prospect.
  8. Jalen Carpenter 6'2" F/W 2012 (Bremerton, WA)~ Jalen has great hands and touch around the basket.  She can play outside and in.  The Carpenter twin displays decent athleticism from the wing, can be a monster on the boards, defend multiple positions and create mismatches.
  9. Kourtney Carpenter 6'1" F 2012 (Bremerton, WA)~ On paper doesn't appear to be as active as her twin Jalen but Kourtney does all the dirty work.  She bangs inside, rebounds, blocks shots and shows great interior defense.
  10. Jadea Brundidge 6'2" F/C 2012 (Emerald Ridge, WA)~ At 6'2 Jadea is a big that really motors up the court.  It's not just the fact she is a mobile big in the open court, it is how she does it.  She pushes herself, digs in and runs with a purpose and that leads to many points because she just out runs opponents bigs.  Jadea plays hard, plays solid defense inside and rebounds strong for her team.
  11. Raychel Stanley 5'11" G 2016 (Faith Lutheran Jr. high)~ an athletic quick guard that can play lock down defense on opponent's ball handlers, also has the length and quickness to frustrate shooting guards and other perimeter players.  Raychel is a combo guard that saw more action as a cutter/slasher than with the ball in her hand but no doubt has the time to refine her perimeter skills.
  12. Christine Saldana 5'10" SG 2012 (Perris, CA)~ is a great spot up shooter for her team, that also plays solid defense against opponents shooters.  Christine plays consistant and solid on both ends of the courts.  She is an efficient scorer.  She will quietly put up 15+ points being selective with her shots and making smart decisions.

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